1. We play lacrosse with the utmost respect for our teammates, opponents, coaches, referees, fans and ourselves.  We practice and compete with nothing less than 100% effort and consider it a privilege to represent ATTACK Lacrosse.

2. We understand that the ability to win games is traced back to how each one of us practices.  ATTACK Lacrosse places a tremendous emphasis on further developing skills and growing our teamwork mentality each day in practice.  We expect you to give 100% at our practices.

3. We understand commitment to ourselves and teammates. Games are not won with one player, they are won as a team.  At ATTACK, the team comes before the individual. Our players commit to ATTACK and their teammates.

4. As coaches, we commit ourselves to the development of California’s most premier lacrosse players and hold ourselves accountable. We commit to the athletic, academic, and personal development of each of our players.

5. ATTACK Lacrosse aims to cultivate not just lacrosse skill and athletic ability but personal character as well.