By selecting this option, you choose to pay a Deposit on the 2023 Team Season fees and you agree to an automatic billing plan to pay the remaining balance in 4 even installments as explained below.

The total cost for participation on the 2023 teams for the May 2019 to January 2020 Season are $2,600.00.


The deposit amount is: $530 (*this includes the $50 processing fee)

The remaining $2,100 will be split into 4 payments of $525.00 to be automatically billed on 3/30/2019; 5/30/2019; 7/30/2019 and 9/30/2019. The same credit card used for the deposit will be used for future payments unless you notify California Attack accounting department of a different payment option. 


These fees EXCLUDE player's travel costs (flight and hotel). Team blocks at hotels will be booked by Attack Lacrosse and will require separate payment for shared player rooms once the reservation is confirmed. Booking flights is the responsibility of individual players/families.


  • Factors that are input to determine cost:

    *26-30 practices over the course of the Summer 2019 and Fall/Winter 2019 season

    *Tournament costs

    *Van rentals + gas

    *Field rental

    *Coaches’ time – practices, tournaments

    *Coaches’ travel – flights, hotel

    Coaches’ training

    *Attack  administrative staff

    *Equipment – balls, cones, rage cages, med kits


    *Costs that make up a majority of fees