Over 70 Years of Combined Experience

From beginning to end, our coaches support each player so that she can reach her full potential

California Attack Lacrosse is proud to field tournament travel teams from middle school through high school. Each is lead by a set of committed head coaches who follow each player from her very first practice to her last tournament whistle. The team relationship between coach and player is strengthened and unified as they move together up the age bracket.


Head coaches provide the guidance needed to shuttle middle school and high schoolers and can and do make hard decisions on the fly - whether it be concerning an injury on the field or team dynamics. They are joined by our amazing assistant coaching team, consisting of both current and recently graduated women's college lacrosse players. Together, our ATTACK coaching staff is both robust and responsive. 

Our Head Coach, Founder and General Manager, Tom Perry, with over 17 years of experience coaching the girl's and women's game, consistently enriches the ATTACK player experience with his *superstar* coaching clinics. Complementary for ATTACK players, recent events have included special guests Kylie Ohlmiller, Liz Hogan and Liz Hertsch.

ATTACK coaching is encouraging, challenging, cutting edge and supported by a strong and loyal ATTACK community. Join us for the experience of a lifetime. 

Meet The Team

Nicole Lindke

Head Coach 2022

Mady Perry

Head Coach 2022

Jeff Mitchel*

Head Coach 2024

Avery High

Assistant Coach 2024

Tom Perry*

General Manager

Head Coach 2021

Charlie Doering*

Head Coach 2023

Sharon Geerneart*

Assistant Coach 2023

Skyler Johnson

Assistant Coach 2021

Sammy Mescall

Assistant Coach 2024

Makenna Nichols

Assistant Coach 2024

Jeff Hale*

Head Coach 2025

Tana Zifodya

Assistant Coach 2025

Lillian O'Keefe

Assistant Coach 2025

Andrea Lin*

Head Coach 2026/27

Andre Cheun*

Head Coach 2026/27

Olivia Melaugh

Head Coach 2026/27

Laurel Hunter

Assistant Coach 2026/27

Emma Rathjen

Assistant Coach 2026/27

Ashley Barr

Head Goalie Coach

Gen Giansante

Head Coach HSO

Abbie Giansante

Assistant Coach HSO

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